Afrosev is a dream that came from one mind and spread to three other minds manifesting into what we now know as “Afrosev”. This has one meaning to us and that is: “Ekasi to the World”!

We tell a story of cultural roots and colourful mindsets of the African footprint. Afrosev creatives come from all corners of South African villages
and townships showcasing their creative African spirit.

With each product, we tell a story of cultural, community and ancestral vibrancy from different individuals on different corners of our country to the world. Our products are like Wildflowers, they are often found in the most unlikely places where most people cannot reach, and Afrosev is the sunshine that makes those flowers blossom and seen by all those who will appreciate the beauty.

Afrosev is not just an ordinary online store, but an online marketplace, with each stall telling a story of all Africans to the world while showcasing
the originality and ingenuity of our crafters. All the products listed and sold on Afrosev are 100% made in Africa.

Our Mission:

To be the genesis of all African crafted products touching untouched corners of the world.

Our Values:

The spirit of Ubuntu and togetherness is depicted on every item. Our products aren’t just plain goods for use but beautiful,
interesting stories of our people.

We take pride in our work and will deliver your order wherever you are.

We as Afrosev family have the courage to delve deep in the hustle and bustle of EKasi streets, unreachable to some to seek out the raw talent, drawing out the gems and shining their light to the rest of the world.

All Afrosev creatives are focused on delivering quality products and services, whist staying committed to producing more and better to fit demand.

As Afrosev and the creative partners/community we agree to be fully open about the journey taken from the first click of acquiring a product from our store.

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